The HIPAA act sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. Any company that deals with protected health information (PHI) must ensure that all the required physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed. HIPAA requires all healthcare entities, from small provider groups to large health systems to continuously assess risks and vulnerabilities to their data and develop a plan for reducing the risk of a data breach. By becoming a user of the HealthDox HIPPA Risk Management procut, businesses can avoid HIPPA violations which are expensive. The software provided by HealthDox Solution provides an easy-to-use software that is built on NIST, and ISO standards. It includes a role-based dashboard that integrates with windows active directory. It is also chart-based and allows businesses to track progress based on time period or status while providing alerts for overdue items.

Document Management

Manage policies, procedures, guidelines and other types of documents. Standardize each document type with its own custom template.

References to Regulatory Standards

Add references to Joint Commission, CMS, state outpatient rules and other standards within policies. Quickly access all policies addressing each standard.

Version Control

Maintain old versions of policies for legal compliance. Quickly access old versions of policies effective on a past date.
IdTracks-Docs tracks all events that effect the status and content of policies. The history and timelines of all versions of your policy, from inception to the latest approved version, are available for future reference.

Discussion Boards

Discussion boards are great tools for collaboration between employees. IdTracks-Docs allows users to discuss content, regulations and share files / pictures and supports quality policy development.


No more missed policy renewals with reminders from IdTracks-Docs in your email. No need to worry about remembering to update policies.

Ensure Policy Implementation

Receive and track acknowledgements from staff when they read new or updated policies and ensure policy implementation.

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