Suite of Solutions for your Compliance needs

The IdTracks-Docs system ensures secure, system-wide policy and procedure document control that easily integrates with existing systems.

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HIPAA requires all healthcare entities to continuously assess risks and vulnerabilities to their data and develop a plan for reducing the risk of a data breach. 

Conflict of Interest 

HealthDox's financial relationship disclosure and disclosure review allow companies to be aware of relationships within the company so that trust amongst the company is ensured. 

Quality Management

The HealthDox Quality Management Solution makes it easy to create and adjust processes to meet changing industry standards.

The HealthDox Risk Management System (RMS) simplifies the incident tracking, recording, and correction processes with system-wide online forms, a host of analysis tools, and integration with existing ADT systems.

Analyzing the data

The Cercare system provides organized contract
management, analysis, and communications.



Through the use of audit management, workflow is simplified and organized. Easily manage a wide range of internal and external audit processes. 

Incident Tracking 

HealthDox works to provide a robust incident management system that can identify and resolve such incidents in time, while providing sufficient insights to ensure that the incident does not reoccur. 

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