Is your healthcare enterprise overwhelmed with contract management issues? It can happen in any size organization— from those too small to devote staff to contract management, to large organizations that can lose important tasks and dates in "the system." Cercare is the user-friendly enterprise contract management system from HealthDox that can effectively manage all your contracts—service, procurement, employment, facilities, and any other type of contract you may have. 




Attachment & References 

Review document attachments alongside the contract to ensure that the whole contract is reviewed and completed. 

Contract History 

Can view the history of contracts easily. 

Enhanced Search Engine 

Instead of just a general search, this feature also searches the bodies of documents. 


Allows the user to create a custom template, if one of our 25 pre-made templates do not meet the criteria you're looking for; can be created in Excel or PDF. 


No more missed renewals. This feature notifies and reminds the company when a policy needs to be updated, reviewed, or is expired. 

Multiple Contract Types 

Depending on the type of contract, you can create different types of contracts. 

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